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An affordable, evolving WordPress plugin that will make your website accessible to all. Achieve and maintain compliance to all WCAG 2.0 requirements with Startability!

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  • Compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines
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Websites Accessible For All

A comprehensive accessibility plugin and solution that makes WordPress websites accessible to all, including those affected by disabilities.

Make Drastic Accessibility Improvements Fast

A cost-effective plugin that’s compatible with most WordPress websites, themes and plugins. Same-day install and configuration brings immediate improvements!

Eliminate The Need For Multiple Tools

An all-in-one, comprehensive and holistic plugin, containing all the accessibility features that an audience could need (or want) in 2021 and beyond!

Achieve, Maintain and Prove Compliance

Startability will make your website in becoming compliant with WCAG 2.0 regulations. Continually adding new features and tools to maintain compliance in the future.

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Startability has over 30 different accessibility features and tools. We’re continually adding new features to further enhance the website experience for all.

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